14er Boulder   2897 Mapleton Ave 800 Boulder,CO80301   (303) 539-6525
14er Boulder
2897 Mapleton Ave 800
BoulderCO 80301
 (303) 539-6525

Reviews Of 14er Boulder

4.86 149 Reviews
David Charles Wood
Feb 18, 2018

Feb 17, 2018

Open more counters + hire more staff Came in for the anniversary sale. I’m a 14er regular as they have some really great product. Unfortunately their facility is not nearly equipped to handle the amount of customers they are trying to serve, resulting in waits of 1hr+.

Joe Cle
Feb 12, 2018

Jan 22, 2018

Flower Best flower. Always killer and never harsh. 14er does it right!

Jan 20, 2018

Pop-top best stuff in the state! When you look through the magazines and they highlight brands that are doing it right - you see 14er. They put quality into every 3.5g can of Heaven you get. Make sure to smell them all, and sign up for their specials...StrawNana is my birthday cake that shit made me cum just smelling it!! 🤯🤩

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